Tivoli Christmas Market - Copenhagen

While sitting at “Cakenhagen” I almost choked on my tea after glancing at the bill. Tivoli is expensive, and the flights to Denmark are expensive… and so are the hotels - but what an experience. Nowhere else will you find a Christmas Market within an amusement park decorated and executed with so much detail. Tivoli is a indeed a wonderful place… no wonder the Danes win at happiness.


For Tivoli:

  • The amusement park is extremely well located: right next to the central train station - and I mean meters from it. Arriving to Tivoli is convenient and easy.

  • Edges out other Christmas markets across Europe during the winter holidays because you get 2 in 1.

  • Ingenious deployment of open air coal heaters which allow you to warm up outside without the need to seek refuge inside a café.

  • Artificial snow carefully manicured onto trees, buildings and pathways.

  • Wide variety of rides, restaurants and shops.

  • Beautiful environment with changing scenes as you explore the park.

  • Rides for all ages, from merry go-round carousels for kids to gravity defying, nausea inducing death rides.


Against Tivoli:

  • It is well known that Tivoli is expensive. Entrance fee’s are reasonable but once inside your wallet will feel it. Don’t be fooled into visiting the restaurants adjacent to the Tivoli Amusement Park: If they have a view towards the inside of the park they will cost double.

  • The real show starts after the sun goes down - when the park comes alive with all the lights. Until then hunting for images is hit and miss.

  • If there is wind you will freeze in the faster rides.


Among its attractions are a pantomime theater, an open-air stage, 38 restaurants (some of them very elegant), and frequent concerts, which cover the spectrum from classical to rock to jazz. Fantastic flower exhibits color the lush gardens and float on the swan-filled ponds.